Three Muslim women share their views and concerns over the violent attack of another Muslim woman in Chingford on 16th December.The woman was forced to the ground when two young white males tried to remove her head scarf, then she was pulled along by her hijab by the two attackers. No one intervened to stop this attack and the victim of this crime was left on the floor, alone for almost 20 minutes, before she was able to call the police. It was reported that the woman had had a recent operation and was initially having a panic attack after the assault. It is also reported that the ambulance took over an hour to arrive, and the police did not arrive until around twenty minutes after that (The Guardian online 16/12/2016).

On Wednesday 16/12/2016; 50 plus people gathered outside Forest Hill Station in Lewisham, London to hold a vigil for the victim of a racially motivated attack. An unnamed white male (38) is accused of stabbing father of three Muhammed-Askar in front of his wife Kulsuma Ali. It was reported that the white male shouted “I want to kill a Muslim” before repeatedly stabbing Muhammed-Askar. He was stabbed once in the head, twice in the chest and three times in the back. As of 15/12/2016 his condition was reported as serious. The unnamed male was arrested and has been charged with attempted murder.

This particular video has been placed here because it relates to a notorious criminal figure.

Having been refused retrospective planning permission by Tower Hamlets council, the Jack the Ripper Museum in Cable Street has been ordered to remove the shops signage.

The owner Mark Richard Palmer-Edgecumbe was given planning permission in 2014 because the building was proposed to become a museum celebrating women's history and struggles, it turned out to be a tacky 'tourist attraction' to supposedly cash in on the notorious women killer dubbed 'Jack the Ripper'.

The company that put together the report for the museum, Waugh Thisleton architects, has subsequently said it was duped into believing that the museum was for an insight into women’s struggles and victories. The company produced frontage plans and a presentation to that effect.

Outrage has caused a number of protests, while the owner and workers claim to have been threatened and attacked, although no prosecutions have been forthcoming against any individuals for these alleged incidents.

The Jack the Ripper museum owner plans to go to the High Court to appeal Tower Hamlets decision to refuse permission. Given that the case is based on lies and deception used to get planning permission under false pretences, it is difficult to see how this will succeed.

Outside the Indian Embassy in London, people hold a vigil in memory of Michelle Samaraweera, including two of her sisters.

Michelle (35) was raped and murdered in Walthamstow on the morning of 30/5/2009. The suspect for the crimes Aman Vyas has been charged for the rape and murder in his absence. He is also charged with three other counts of rape and further unspecified charges.

Although originally arrested at Delhi airport in July 2011, Aman has managed to escape extradition for the past five years due to the convoluted and questionable legal system in India.

It is hoped that due to further pressure, Aman Vyers will finally be put on trial for the rapes and murder of Michelle.

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