Non-Linear Editing Software (NLE):

Adobe Premiere
Download a free trial version of Adobe premieres editing software. For Macs and PC’s.

For PC’s and Macs. One of the earliest NLE systems around (20 years).

Final Cut Pro (Link for U.K. site only)
Apples NLE editing software. For Macs only. Includes a free trial download.

Serif MoviePlus
MoviePlus X6. High definition video editing. For PC’s only.

Free Editing Software:

(Software listed below can be found in different locations for download. You may have to search for downloads of software on different platforms. You will need to check the movie, audio file and codec types each application will work with. Check each applications suitability for system software and hardware requirements).

AviDemux for Mac, PC and Linux (open source freeware).
AVI Editor for PC (freeware).
AVI Trimmer + MKV 2 for PC (freeware).
Jahshaka 2.0 for PC (freeware).
MPEG Streamclip for PC and Mac (freeware)
Pinnacle Video Spin 2.0 for PC (freeware).,0301-21035.html
Video Edit Master 2.0 for PC (free for non-commercial use).
Virtual Dub for PC (freeware).
Vivia 0.1.1 for Linux and PC (freeware).
Wax for PC (freeware).
ZS4 Video Editor for PC (freeware).

For information/tips on the editing process, go to Books/DVD’s.

IMPORTANT: An applications inclusion on the lists above is not an endorsement of the product, nor a guarantee of any software’s reliability, or its current availability. accepts no liability for any damages, direct or indirect, that may arise from downloading or installing any software listed on this site.


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