Includes live action and animated shorts made over the years, with movie examples and highlights.

The very first pop promo video I filmed for the group ‘Faraway Stars’.

A short film about an obsessive television viewer. A finalist in the BBC SHOWREEL competition 1988. Includes o
n Set photographs and Storyboard Comparison example.

Follows two strangers from opposite ends of the socio-economic spectrum (one a claimant and the other a department bureaucrat) who get stuck in a lift together in a - what was then - DSS (Department for Social Security) building.

Music video made for the dark electronic composer, music producer and performer Martin Bowes (Attrition).

Demonstration of travelling matte to combine separate images (live action and 3D animation).

Animation prompted by events in Waco, Texas.

Community programme made for Residents Associations in Haringey, London.

Self explanatory ?

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