Film Making Links:

Cinematography forums covering cameras, lighting, steadicam, visual effects and many more.

internet filmmakers FAQ
One of the oldest internet resources for film makers.

Comprehensive international directory of production facilities and services.

Industry Production Equipment Links:

camera brackets
Camera support systems and accessories.

film cameras & lights
Arriflex cameras (inc; 4K) and Arri lighting equipment. Sale and hire.

film / video cameras and accessories
Sales and rental of high end 4K cameras in the U.S.

mist 'n' smoke
Industrial smoke and fog machines. Includes lighting, gels and filters.

remote control heads
Mobile platforms, cranes, remote control heads, dollies and tracking. Equipment available for hire as well.

Tripods, pan & tilt (fluid) heads, rigs and camera stabilizers.


rode microphones
Rode is a well established company in Australia that specialises in high quality microphones and associated products. From gun/directional mics to radio/cordless mics.

General Production Links:

film secrets
Little or no knowledge required, technical lingo dictionary, info on super 8mm film and editing. Guerilla resources for low-budget film makers.

stefan avalos
Independent filmmaker and Co-Producer of “The Last Broadcast”. Includes a section on different types of home made microphones.

Commercial Production Budgeting Software:

easy budget:
Easy to use software for film budgeting;

Production Forms / Logs:

Click here for a simple/basic checklist (PDF format) to print out and customise (41 KB).

Camera Log (.gif file for print). Log camera shots, lighting and exposure details etc (47 KB).

Camera Log (.jpg file for print). Click on image below to open in a separate window.

Camera Log (Portrait print) Jpeg image (56 KB)

A camera log keeps the details collected after every take in order to record the order of shots on rolls of film, or videotapes. Columns for shot types, take, exposure, time code, or footage's and brief sound information. It serves as a simple index/guide to the unedited material / media.

Misc Film Forms A file full of Word/Excel spreadsheet templates (zip file size 32 KB, unzip size 107 KB). It does not include the forms below.

Production Forms 124 .dot formatted templates for most aspects of production (zip file size 1,658 KB, unzip size 6,418 KB).

Further form templates are included with some of the DVD’s in the Books/DVD’s section. Click link to find out which books/dvd’s include these.

Production File Downloads:

These colour bar examples are for reference and not suitable for use.

Colour Bars (SMPTE 640 - 480 Resolution)

Colour Bars SMPTE 640 - 480 Jpeg image (15 KB)

Colour Bars (SMPTE 720 - 576 Resolution)

Colour Bars SMPTE 720 - 576 Jpeg image (24 KB)

Colour Bars (EBU 720 - 576 Resolution)

Colour Bars EBU 720 - 576 Jpeg image (17 KB)

16:9 High Definition (1920 - 1080) EBU Colour Bars

EBU HD 16x9 colour bars Jpeg image (47 KB)

16:9 High Definition (1920 - 1080) SMPTE Colour Bars

SMPTE HD 16x9 colour bars Jpeg image (48 KB)

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