Submit a Link/Resource

Before submitting a resource/website link please keep in mind the following guidelines;

* Include the web sites, or resources full web address (URL) - and site section (page) address if applicable.

* Is it a film/video making related site?

* Is the site suitable for general viewing, and for younger people? Include this in your submission.

* Does it specialise in any particular film/video related field, or is it general information? Include this in your submission.

* Give a simple description about the site/resource, why you think it should be included. What did you like, or find helpful about it?

* If a competition, festival or event, please include its name, start-end dates and venue (Address, City and Country). You need to submit these a long time before the event, otherwise they will not be published due to time constraints.

* Commercial sites are always considered, but if they provide useful resources/facilities/information/advice without charge they are more likely to be successful (included).

* Is the site up-to-date with functioning links (not dead links) and media? Sites deemed to have too many dead links will not be considered.

* Email submissions to using the subject title ‘submit link/resource’.

(All web sites submitted will be reviewed and successful links/resources should normally be included within a month of e-mail submission. Please state if you wish to be informed of a link/resources inclusion on this site.)

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