Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K .BMP images (3840x2160) for 40 second video countdown clock slates.

These files can easily be converted into 30 second countdowns by removing the first 10 images (0001.bmp to 0010.bmp). Instead starting the clock/slate with 0011.bmp.

Clicking on a thumbnail clock image below will open a larger example in another separate window.

For HD VT (1920x1080) Clock / Slates movie downloads click here. For 1080i (interlaced versions) click here. DCI 4K Slates click here.

The BMP image clock / slates downloads below have been prepared for UHD (Ultra High Definition) 4K resolution; 3840x2160  pixels (1.78:1 aspect ratio). These image files include the peak white burst frame (BMP image). The files also include Read Me and instructions for use. Each download opens in a separate window.

Comments and suggestions about these countdown clocks can be emailed to; indefilmsdotnet@gmail.com Please use ‘clocks’ as the subject.

Click for larger example
Download zipped file 4KUHD 40SEC CDC A 3840x2160 BMP
(zip file size 1,913 KB, unzip size 331,825 KB).


Information included in text on the countdown clock slate;

Typically a countdown clock displays the following information and precedes the start of a programme and any subsequent parts:
1) Programme I.D. number.
2) Programme title (and series number if applicable).
3) Episode number (if applicable).
4) Episode subtitle (if applicable).
5) Programme version/type (pre or post watershed, if necessary).
6) Programme part number (if applicable).

There are different accepted standards for delivery of media to broadcasters, so it’s worth checking before submitting any media. It also depends what the media is for as to the necessity of those formalities or the use of a clock/slate.

Following is one form of programme delivery for the BBC in the U.K. (and included for download in the countdown clock movies)

They specify that at least 20 seconds of countdown is necessary for submission.

(TC denotes Timecode)

TC 09:58:00:00. 90 seconds of colour bars with Line-up tone.
TC 09:59:30:00. Countdown clock/slate with silence on audio tracks.
TC 09:59:57:06 (optional). 2 frames of peak white, with tone on first peak white frame only. (See below for peak white download image.)
Or TC 09:59:57:06. Black / silence.
TC 10:00:00:00. Programme starts.

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