ain't it cool news
News, reviews, chat.

b.f.i (British Film Institute)
Facts on film. Books and videos.

box office
Film ratings, box office returns (in dollars).

box office guru (Worldwide)
Mainstream, worldwide box office.

box office mojo (U.S.)
Mainstream, hollywood box office and discussion forums.

Entertainment news. Celebrity gossip.

Independent film news.

filmmaker magazine
The magazine of independent film.

filmmaking advice
Your movie is our work.

hollywood reporter
Mainstream movie studio news.

i.a.c (Institute of Amateur Cinematographers)
The world of non-commercial film and A-V.

ifp (Independent Filmmaker Project)
Connections resource for Indie Filmmakers.

indie talk
A Filmmaking Community.

Movie, TV and celebrity news and reviews.

imdb (Internet Movie Database)
Huge reference and cross referenced resource covering films, actors, directors etc. Mainstream.

movie maker
Moviemaker magazine.

post magazine
News, magazine and blog.

shooting people
The International networking organisation dedicated to the support and promotion of independent film making.

the independent
Obsessed with Independent film since 1978.

Mostly mainstream film studio news.

women make movies
Films by and about women.


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