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For screenwriting sites and software links; screenplay (what’s the story)

Editing links are now included in the POST-PRODUCTION section below.


Misc links to film, video and publication sites.

International competitions, festivals and events.

General Tutorials & Insights:

Videographer vs DP vs Filmmaker

Top 10 Microbudget Movies Ever Made



spotlight (U.K)
The home of casting.

General Pre-Production Links:

action, cut, print
Film making tips for the Independent Film Maker. (See Books/DVD’s for publications with information and tips)

Actors resource and entertainment trade paper.

Pre-Production Forms / Logs:

contract download samples (U.S)
Four sample forms (short film agreement, ultra low budget, modified low budget and low budget) detailing amounts of daily / weekly pay in dollars. (See Documents for further production forms and release documents)


Tutorials & Insights:

Filmmaking Tips and Advice for Young Aspiring Filmmakers

Biggest Misconceptions Directors Have About Actors - Judith Weston

How Noiseless Props Are Made For Movies And TV Shows | Movies Insider

How To Direct Actors: Working With Non Actors

Cable Wrangling 101

How to shoot a scene - blocking actors

Can you be an introvert Director?

Filmmaking Tips for Better Audio with DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex camera).

Recording Audio For A Short Film - especially when the whole picture has to be shot in a day.

Camera sensor and film size explained – From 1/3 inch over super35 to IMAX

Lighting Concepts Every Cinematographer Needs To Know

Cinematic lighting explained – Basics, tutorial and ultra mobile lighting kit

Film Making Links:

Cinematography forums covering cameras, lighting, steadicam, visual effects and many more. (See Camera Tips for some basics)

Do you need a film permit/location release and how to get them (US).

film skills
‘The ultimate online film school’. Comprehensive filmmaking courses, some free. YouTube channel has numerous videos on all aspects of the filmmaking process

Comprehensive international directory of production facilities and services.

Online film production process tutorials and video examples

Stock footage, motion graphics, music and sound effects. (check site for details of free resources).

Industry Production Equipment Links:

camera brackets
Camera support systems and accessories.

film cameras & lights
Arriflex cameras (inc; 4K) and Arri lighting equipment. Sale and hire.

film / video cameras and accessories
Sales and rental of high end 4K cameras in the U.S.

mist 'n' smoke and lights
Fog machines and fluids. Lighting, gels and filters.

remote control heads
Mobile platforms, cranes, remote control heads, dollies and tracking. Equipment available for hire as well.

Tripods, pan & tilt (fluid) heads, rigs and camera stabilizers.

Motion capture (mocap) suits, markers and sensors for 3D film, television and gaming work.

Wedio is a community where creators share gear. Rent film equipment out, and hire film equipment.

Makeup (Tutorials & Insights:

What Is a Film Makeup Artist? The Role of Makeup Artists on Film and Television Productions

Makeup for Television and Film

(See also Books/DVD’s)


rode microphones
Rode is a well established company in Australia that specialises in high quality microphones and associated products. From gun/directional mics to radio/cordless mics.

General Production Links:

film secrets
Little or no knowledge required, technical lingo dictionary, info on super 8mm film and editing. Guerilla resources for low-budget film makers. (See Books/DVD’s for publications with information and tips)

stefan avalos
Independent filmmaker and Co-Producer of “The Last Broadcast”. Includes a section on different types of DIY microphones.



5 Overlooked Tips for VFX.

(See Visual FX for some effects downloads)

Editing Tutoria & Insightl:

10 Lessons from top film editors.

You Should Edit Like This (perhaps)

Editing Resource Links:

Free film editing courses
Step by step video editing courses. Learn the art of film editing from real Hollywood Pro’s.

Non-Linear Editing Software (NLE):

Adobe Premiere
Download a free trial version of Adobe premieres editing software. For Macs and PC’s.

For PC’s and Macs. One of the earliest NLE systems around (20 years).

DaVinci Resolve (US)
The world’s only solution that combines editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics and audio post production all in one software tool!
(For a review of DaVinci Resolce go to:

Final Cut Pro (Link for U.K. site only)
Apples NLE editing software. For Macs only. Includes a free trial download.

Free Editing Software:

100% FREE and open-source!

Basic editing application, with a number export options.

For free versions of DaVinci Resolve editing software and review see above NLE software.

For information/tips on editing go to Books/DVD’s.

Stock Footage

Free stock footage. Royalty free and/or attribution. Check site for details of usage.

Audio Tutorials & Insights:

Learn the 5 Fundamental Ways of Using Sound in Your Film.

The importance of sound.

Film Sound. Learning Space dedicated to the Art of Film Sound Design

Music - Royalty Free / Copyright Free / Creative Commons License Music music
Composer and producer, creating space, sci-fi, ambient dark horror and supernatural music. All music copyright and royalty free (unless otherwise stated), but with inclusion of a credit. Please read all details on the channels. (See Audio Files for free SFX downloads)

fesliyan studios
Royalty free music (after initial payment, or donation) for Youtube, advertisements, films and film making, weddings, events, podcasts and more. Instrumental background music is 100% free of charge for non-commercial use. Please check the website and terms for more specific information about the royalty and copyright free music selection. (See Audio Files for free SFX downloads)

Free Sound Effects (Attribution)
We have free and royalty free sound effects and clips for video editors, movie scores, game designers. Downloads are totally free (by Attribution). (See Audio Files for free SFX downloads)

A large selection of royalty free music titles from Kevin MacLeod, for commercial and non-commercial use (licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0) (See Audio Files for free SFX downloads)

Dark music (piano) composer. Specifies royalty free with a credit to composer. Youtube channel:

Soundtrack/music Tutorials & Insights:

What is leitmotif?

(See Audio Files for free SFX downloads)


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