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This section contains all the resources (files/media, audio/visual) that can be downloaded. Suggestions for resources that could be included can be emailed to;

Audio Files
Files include .WAV and .AIF formats. Includes 1 Khz tone, individual sound effects (SFX) and environmental (atmos) sounds for looping.

Countdown Clocks
From 4:3 standard definition, 16:9 High Definition to 4K clock slates, in .BMP image files and .MOV movie formats.

Over 150 production forms (including storyboards) and consent/release documents. In assorted file formats (including spreadsheets).

Visual FX
A selection of production effects, from scratched film effect to shifting sky timelapse sequences.


IMPORTANT: will not be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, that may arise from downloading and using any files.


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