High Definition (1920x1080) Countdown Clocks/Slates (.BMP .MOV file formats)

High Definition (1920x1080) Countdown Clocks/Slates Interlaced Versions (.MOV file formats)

DCI 4K (4096x2160) Countdown Clocks (.BMP file formats)

Release Forms Templates (in .PDF .RTF .TXT formats)

Storyboard Templates (4:3 and 16:9) for print (.PDF .JPG formats)

Three ‘Shifting Sky / Timelapse’ sequences (23 to 37 seconds .MOV 25fps format)
Published under Creative Commons by Attribution 3.0 license.

UHD 4K (3840x2160) Countdown Clock (.BMP file format)

Screenplay (What’s The Story?)
The important bit that everything else hangs on - so they say. The 3 act paradigm. Script and screenplay links. Includes link to free screenplay writing software to download.

Pre - Production | The Language of Storyboards
Pre - production links, forms (inc; storyboards). Software and consent / release forms (examples).

Production | Camera Tips & Hints | Aspect Ratios | Clapperboard
Film making in brief, digital production and industry equipment links. Commercial budgeting software and many production forms. Some basic camera hints and tips.

Post - Production | HD Countdown Clock Slates | DCI 4K Countdown Clock Slates | Caption/Title Safe Area | Editing
Digital post production and FX links. Downloads (inc; video countdown clocks), film & dust / scratches loops. NEW Shifting sky timelapse sequences. Audio/SFX file downloads. 40 second HD (1920-1080) video countdown clocks (BMP image sequences & .MOV files - progressive and interlaced - for USA at 30fps and Europe/UK at 25fps). DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) and NEW UHD (Ultra High Definition) 4K Countdown clock slates included as .BMP image files. Description and graphic to help demonstrate  the safe title and caption area within a frame. Links to Freeware / Shareware editing software.

Events - Festivals - Competitions
Annual international film making events, festivals and competitions.

Lingo / Jargon
Explanations for terminology used in film and video, with many graphics and animated examples. New technical definitions being added all the time

Copyright | Legal (UK) | Fair Dealing
Outline on copyright in the UK. Legal matters & law with regards filming in the UK. The practice of Fair Dealing.

Books & DVDs
Selection of books and DVD’s. Includes books with DVD’s.

Miscellaneous links to film related sites not included in other categories.

Technical words and terminology used throughout the site will often link to the lingo / jargon page, with a brief description.


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